Where to get software and driver updates for my Razer Blade laptops

DriverFix is a tool that enables you to update Windows drivers with single mouse click. This application can quickly find problematic drivers from your computer. Make sure that you’re connected to the Internet. While many items are able to install their own drivers, some items (e.g., printers) may require an Internet connection in order to download the necessary drivers.

My notebook was having issues and would show multiple error screens. It was suggested to me that I should use the Windows 10 reset feature found under the Recovery tab in Settings. I clicked on, “Reset this PC”, I then selected “Remove everything” So my hard drive was completely erased. Not only does having your system drivers updated help to resolve crash issues like “Video driver crashed and was reset! ”, but it also saves you from other problems as well. The speed of the process will depend on a number of factors, but some of the most influential will be internet speed and the size of the files you intend to keep.

Option 2: How To Update Drivers Manually

At the “License Agreement” dialog, read the agreement, then, if you agree, click “I Agree” to continue with the installation. At the “Select Country” screen, select the country for this installation, and then click “Next”. To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs. The Taskbar should be clear of applications before proceeding.

If you haven’t already paired to your gaming PC while on the same network, click Add PC and type the IPv6 address of your host gaming PC. On many routers it will also be necessary to make a static DHCP reservation to ensure the host always has the same network IP address. This makes sure the ports you have forwarded remain forwarded to the correct machine. Some routers will do this automatically when port forwarding is done.

  • Drivers using a sleeper berth must take at least eight of their 34 hours in the sleeper berth.
  • In most cases, a reputable driver updater tool gives you the assurance that drivers are obtained from Original Equipment Manufacturer sources.
  • Your aging video card may need to be taught how to display a 3D drawing that was created with new technologies.
  • You’ll need some computer skills and patience to update your drivers this link way, because you need to find exactly the right driver online, download it and install it step by step.

Resetting your graphic card from BIOS may prove to be helpful. One Computer Guy provides to the readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, Hardware & Software reviews and personal computing tips. Also, you don’t want to use the Windows, ctrl, shift, and B keys shortcut when you have unsaved work on your computer.

How to Reset GPU Software

Now restart your computer, and check to see whether the problem still persists. Download the latest compatible driver from the AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel website and install it. Look for your NVIDIA or AMD, or other driver processes. Now Restart your PC once to complete the process. During her spare time, she likes to spend time reading, watching videos, and sitting on her Yoga mat to relax. Vicky is a website editor who has been writing tech articles since she was graduated from university.

The blue screen of death indicates that your Windows operating system has completely crashed, and all you can do is restart your PC. In the Wizard, make sure to select the automatic option to download the drivers. This will help you reset the NVIDIA graphics cards. You might want to repeat the same process for the Display Adapters separately.

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